Local Projects

2020-02-19 1812

    Emergency Shelter POD Kits - This was a project the club did to build radio kits for POD sites (Point of Distribution). Should an emergency arise these sites would distribute supplies. The radio kits are to be used to allow communications between sites and the hospital when other communication is not possible.

    Annual testing of these sites every August and December.

    We also built these kits for Baltimore City Schools. (Or it might be county, I keep getting those switched.)

    CAP Locator Beacon Finder - Don't know the current status. I was on the commitee for this project and it seems to have dropped away. The aim was to develop an easy and cheap solution for the Civil Air Patrol to locate ELT's (Emergency Locator Transmitter). The price of current ELTR's are around $5,000 to $50,000; we could do it around 200 bucks max (maybe). We started this around end of 2018 but no communication happened between us and the CAP since the initial meeting. Hopefully we can restart the project, there is still interest in the club to do this.

My Projects

2020-07-28 1654

    The Way of Technology - Influenced by the Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. A preliminary version, may be revised in the future. It is a generic philosophy and not specific to any one trade, technical field or field of science.

    Linux 64-Bit Assembly - Currently under heavy revision. How to write assembly code under 64-Bit Linux Operating Systems. Future texts may also include GUI and networking code.

    Warning the as.info, ld.info and man make output is straight from the command-line; the output is not pretty looking but easier to read in pdf form.

    Recommended reading includes Randall Hyde's "Art of Assembly" (known as AoA) or the "Write Great Code" series. Also "Assembly Language Step by Step" by Jeff Duntemann. [Note that those texts are for 32-bit code. There are little to no texts for 64-bit code.]

  • the Assembly Bible (decided to merge files into a single volume, ongoing effort)
    • Introduction to Assembly Programming (merged into bible)
    • Technical Assembly Information (merged as 'Genesis')
    • Linux Assembly Information (less pretty, list of syscall numbers mostly)
    • - (Future?, shared executable and libraries)
    • - (Future?, GUI programs)
    • - (Future?, network code)
    • - (Future?, multimedia programs)
    • - (Future?, Games)
    • - (Future?, Amateur Radio)
    • - (Future?, debug program info or man page)

Official Documentation (from Debian 9) mirrored here :

    Project Name - Place holder.