Anime / Manga

2020-03-06 1933

   (Index) General like and dislikes in Anime / Manga.

   (Page 1) Right now a list of favorite Anime franchises.

   (Page 2) List of favorite Manga franchises.

   (Page 3) List of any music I like from Films or TV Series. My current playlist of all music in my collection is currently at 72 hours 13 minutes and 54 seconds. (Not including some music the scanning missed in some folders.) So why do I get so many repeats on shuffle ?!

What is ..Anime?

2020-02-17 1752

   'Anime' is an animated manga. Or an original story animated in 'manga' style.

What is ..Manga?

2020-02-17 1752

   'Manga' means any type of illustrated story but usually refers to japanese comics. There are four major kinds; shonen (boys'), shojo (girls'), seinen (young men's), redisu (ladies') and seijin (adult) . Manga are read by all ages.

   'Manga' artists are called 'Manga-ka'.

What is ..Dojinshi?

2020-02-17 1752

   Fan based work like stories (fanfic) or art (fanart). Collectively called fanzines. The term is a reference to a circle, like a circle of friends. In this case it refers to an Artist's Circle, a group of artitsts (manga-ka) that share an interest in the material.

   Be careful searching for this term on the internet. While Otaku is a bit tame, Dojinshi is also used in pornographic interests. If you are not careful, it can lead to something other than what you are looking for.

What is ..Otaku?

2020-02-17 1752

   A fan devoted to a subject, in this case anime or manga. Technicaly, a devoted fan of anything can be called an Otaku. Supposedly the term is an honorific (the 'O' prefix) for 'house'.