Favorite Wolf Films

2020-02-19 1747

    Brotherhood of the Wolf (Film) - A European film of a man that has returned home after traveling in America and facing off against a cult that uses an animal cloaked in armor of bone and spikes to terrorize their enemies. Has fight scenes coreographed like 300 with fast action and a slow-mo cut of the final blow (this movie came out before Zach Snyder began using the same style). The creature is actually a lion, since the animal is supposed to be African, but I guess it could be a jackal. Disappointing there is no actual wolf either way.

    Princess Mononoke (Film/Anime) - See my Anime Page.

    Rayearth (OVA/Anime) - A film made for home audiences about the three girls from Magic Knight Rayearth TV series. In this film they fight to save Earth from an invansion from another world. Includes much the same characters as the TV show. Landis in this version has a sword that can become a wolf and aid him in fights. I don't think I have seen another anime with the animal companion/weapon gimmick.

    The Howling I & II (Film) - A horror movie of a woman being bitten by her werewolf boyfirend and turning into a werewolf on national TV after investigating a serial killer in LA and a rest camp run by werewolves. The sequel has her brother investigating a wolf cult killing people in LA and then following them to Romania.

    The first two films were at least interconnected. All the rest are standalone and not much better. The whole series is 'camp' but the best horror films for werewolves. Unless you prefer the classic 'Wolfman' type films.

    Wolf Lake (TV) - A town in Montana (or maybe it was Utah), that is run by werewolves. They own much of the property and run the town from the Mill. Includes some known stars like Graham Greene and Lou Diamond Phillips (plus this other guy whose name I forgot just now). Not a bad show but was cancelled early just after the main character learned he may be a werewolf in a wierd dream caused by the drugged soup given to him by Graham Greene's character for his illness. Which led to the famous line "Crazy Indian" after he saw a thermos go floating by in his drug induced state. Graham Greene is known for some roles as a 'crazy indian'.

Favorite Wolf Books

2020-02-19 1747

    Alice Borchardt (The Silver Wolf, Night of the Wolf, the Wolf King) - A series of books that take place in the days of Caesar and Ancient Rome. A werewolf is a slave girl to a roman noble and falls in love with a werewolf noble that is captured in Europe and made to fight in roman arenas.

    Kelly Armstrong (Bitten, Stolen, Broken) - A woman tries to live as a werewolf without submitting to the male dominant pack that raised her. She eventually gets caught by a millionaire for his own zoo/lab and escapes with several other supernatural persons, mostly a few witches.

   Her books include other creatures, like vampires, angels or psychics; but the above three are the main werewolf ones.

    Keiko Koume (Art), Isuna Hasekura (Story) (Spice & Wolf) - The manga for the Spice & Wolf Anime I liked. It was originally a Light Novel (what a short story or novella is called in Japan) that was later illustrated for a manga. A merchant finds the goddess of the harvest, the Wise Wolf Holo, in his wagon after a harvest festival and he agrees to help her get to her ancestral home in the far north. Loaded with a bit of financial info and merchant trades it isn't too heavy on the politics of money and makes for intriguing plots of kingdoms trying to destroy one another without raising a sword.

    ??? (Art), ??? (Story) (Wolf's Rain) - A short manga series of a group of wolves that seek paradise while the world is decrepit and falling apart. It starts out in a rusted-out city ruins and eventually makes it way to the frozen wastelands. The wolves are able to take human form and one called 'Blue' is held captive by a hunter to hunt down the other wolves like a bounty hunter. Overall I didn't really think it was good.

Favorite Wolf Games

2020-02-19 1747

    Werewolf : The Apocolypse - A White Wolf-based pen and paper RPG. Players take on the roles of characters of people who can change form into wolves. There may be more up to date versions but I liked the Apocolypse Edition, which has better graphic novel style artwork.

    Haunting Ground - A PS2 like Resident Evil. The main character is a young women who befriends a white wolf-looking dog. Don't remember if the game specifically states if it is a wolf or not. The two analog sticks are used to control both the main character (left control) and the wolf (right control), you can direct the wolf to attack enemies using his control. It has a distrubing plot where you discover that an evil scientist wants to brred the main character with her monstrous brother.

    Okami - A beautiful PS2 game that got an HD port to the Nintendo Wii/Wii U/Switch. Artistic style that resembles the ukiyo-e (woodblock print) style of japanese artwork. You play as the goddess Ammeterasu sent to earth in the form of a white wolf. You use your tail as a brush to draw in missing parts of the world and to fight demons. Your main rivals are a ninetail fox and the demon Orochi. Also has some great traditional style music.

    Okami-den - (DS) Sequel to Okami only found on the Nintendo DS. Take on the role of Ami's son, not as good as the first but it isn't bad. You get to play as a cute little wolf puppy.

    Monster Hunter 3 & 4 - (Wii U & 3DS) A difficult series in which you have to go on missions/quests to slay monsters. Described as "What kind of game is it ? Boss Mode" or "What is it about ? 1000 Hours". One of the monsters is the Zinogre/Jinogre. A large scaly white wolf with horns and emits thunder and lightning. It is accompanied by one of the best rock themes in any game. When the theme starts you know something bad-ass is about to go down. In the newer Monster Hunter World series they toned down the Zinogre theme.

    God Eater 3 - (Switch) A toned down version of Monster Hunter in a more Anime style. Several monsters (Akagami) resemble a wolf. The two actually called a wolf are the Marduk and the Anubis. Marduk is a fire-based beast that can summon other monsters. The Anubis is an armor-plated beast that will howl and stand on its hind limbs like a were-wolf. There is also a wolf-like Balmung (it is just called a beast in game and sort of looks like a tiger maybe). And the Kyuubi which is more fox-like. The Vajra is only called a beast but is more cat-like than the Balmung.

    Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness - (N64) Similar to Castlevania 64, play as a werewolf seeking to destroy the vampire Dracula. Also get to play as a knight that has to rescue six children in a variant game mode.

    Oninaki - A beautiful Switch eGame (no physical copy; except JP/EU regions) that you play as a Watcher; a warrior that helps spirits cross over to the beyond so they may be reincarnated. The main character can bond with daemons (spirits) to aid his quest. One such daemon is Zephyr a White Wolf large enough to ride. Zephyr is a blast, his special moves are fast and hard hitting. He can howl and is a useful ability hitting multiple targets and grants some good boosts. Great music for early boss fights and a twisted plotline. No seriously I played the demo and at first I thought the mother just didn't want her boy to be alone in the afterlife and was praying for him till I realized that another character asked her to drop the knife. Then the father was going to sacrifice himself for the boy but then the main character ended up slaying both so the boy wouldn't be alone. The twisted plot just gets weirder after that.

    Growlanzer Generations - A double pack in one PS2 game of two adventures in the Growlanzer series. One of the two games has a white wolf for a main character.