Amateur Radio

2020-02-17 1700

   (Index) General info on Amateur Radio and Electronics.

   (Page 1) Amateur Radio hobby as well as electronics in general.

   (Page 2) Computers and the use of PC's (Linux-based) in Amateur Radio and Electronics.

   (Page 3) Any projects of my local radio club. Or my own projects when I get around to anything.

   (Page 4) Photo Gallery from York Technical Institute.

What is ..Amateur Radio?

2020-03-06 1420

   Amateur Radio is a hobby and civilian service providing communication during emergencies when traditional means are not available or also for search and rescue and similiar needs.

   The ARRL is the national organization of the hobby for the United States. ARES or RACES are the Civil Service groups for emergency communications in times of need. Most areas will have a local club for activities and volunteer efforts.

What is ..ASM/Assembly?

2020-02-17 1800

   A programming language that is possibly (if not IS) the lowest level without writing programs in binary opcode. Writing a program in assembly means that it will be small, efficent and powerful; usually a third of the size of the same program written in a C language, if not smaller. There are as many ASM variations as there are chipsets and OS's, which could mean hundreds if not thousands. Several popular variations used on the PC are; MASM32, NASM, GAS (Intel or AT&T) and HLA .

What is ..Linux/BSD?

2020-03-06 1420

   An Operating System based on Unix from the 1970's (-ish). These days when you say Unix it will mean either BSD (usually FreeBSD), Linux or MacOS (based on a Unix that Apple calls Darwin).

   The BSD variants of Unix are FreeBSD (focus on production quality), NetBSD (focus on compatibility) or OpenBSD (focus on security). Apple only has MacOS, the Darwin Unix is not available for consumers (the iOS is not the same thing as MacOS). And Linux comes in hundreds of different distributions, or ' distros ', (a pack of software under the same brand name).