Favorite Video Games

2020-02-19 1942

    The following are my favorite non-RPG video games. They are not listed in any particular order.

    Monster Hunter - A fun but difficult series of sado-masochistic death spirals. It beats you up side the head and makes you beg 'please sir I'd like some more'. I don't care what some people say, this game is harder than Dark Souls.

    There are typically three tiers of monsters and some few 'god' monsters for greater challenge. To get to G-rank (or Grank as some call it on the interwebs) is considered an achievememt by itself. I have gotten to the first few stars of G-Rank, in MH3, but have much farther to go. In Monster Hunter 4 I am still slaying the last few monsters of High Rank. You unlock ranks by completing certain quests, I probably could get to G-Rank in MH4 but I am not certain of the exact quests to do.

    Mass Effect - I liked the Sci-Fi universe of Mass Effect but the only one I played is Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U. It is a bit linear and repetitive, especially when doing a New Game+ but it has been fun to play. The Synthesis ending is really the only ending anyone should bother to try to complete.

    Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - Overall I liked the Assassin's Creed series but when the french revolution one came out and Ubisoft doubled down on the you have to be online to play (or even tripled down) I stopped being interested. The ACIII and ACIV however had ship combat and in ACIV: Black Flag, you played a pirate.

    I enjoyed the parkour of the city exploration mixed with the piracy/ treasure hunting. It was better done than ACIII but it had only three cities to explore and got a tad repetitive. But the sailing was a nice touch and had actual sea chanties (I wish I could sort a playlist of the better ones).

    Bayonetta - Oh this and its sequels are the best kind of guilty pleasure. This game is alot like Devil May Cry but is a gun-toting witch instead of a gun-toting son of a demon. You have to adventure through heaven (Paradiso) and hell (Inferno) to stop the end of the world.

    The sequel is a wierd time swap where one of the characters gets thrown into the past and sets off events from the first game. The whole franchise has the main witch in skin tight black leather using choreographed martial arts like dancing and even makes use of a stripper pole. It is ridiculous action in a goth-like setting. The Wii U version game with both games in one pack.