Role Playing Games

2020-02-17 1700

   (Index) General info on Role-playing and Video Games.

   (Page 1) Right now a list of favorite RPG's franchises.

   (Page 2) List of favorite Video Game franchises.

   (Page 3) Content I like from Tabletop RPG's (pen & paper; i.e. Dungeons and Dragons).

What is ..RPG's?

2020-02-17 1800

   'RPG' or Role Playing Game, is a game in which you take part in as some character or personality. Kinda like a cross between your high school drama class and a board game. (Actually when I was in high school some players were in the drama class and clubs). There are the 'paper'-based kind like Dungeons and Dragons (a classic, listen to the dead ale wives parody: or on the computer like NeverWinter Nights (try out the Platinum Edition), also video games like Final Fantasy (a great classic series).

   MORPG means Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, MMORPG is a Massive MORPG (meaning many online gamers). There are also MUD's (Multi User Dungeons) and MMUD's (Massive MUD's) I once saw MUDD used but I think it was a typo (haven't figured out what the second D is) .