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2020-02-17 0706

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R'lyeh Tourism Information

2020-02-17 0706

   Location : 47° 9’ S, 126° 43’ W in the South Pacific Ocean
   Area : Approx. 550 sq. mi. (1500 km2); city itself is about 3/4's of the island's area.
   Elevation : -500m below sea level (Risen, 15m above sea level)
   Climate : Jan 5'C, July 25'C, Annual Precipitation 120cm (rainfall/sea mist)
   Capital : R'lyeh is a sovereign nation.
   Language : R'lyehean or none
   Population : 1 Permanent Resident (Cthulhu)
   Chief Products : Unspeakable Horrors (as in lifeforms), Nightmares (or horrorific visions), Rituals and Prophecies
   Money : None, Gold accepted as offering.
   Description : City has a Non-Euclidean design of green jade or marble. The island is otherwise a landmass of open prarie or hills. Central peak of island, where the mausoleum is found, is 120m above sea level when the island has risen.
   Travel : No known flights to island. Sea travel possible by private charter.

R'lyeh Real Estate Agents

2020-02-17 0706

   Name : Tasogare No Okami
   Contact (Email) : tasogare.okami@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Free R'lyeh Properties
   Specialty : Tourism and Industrial Properties; Schools and Parks.

   Name : Nyarlathotep
   Contact (Email) : black.pharaoh@rlyeh.org
   Agency : R'lyeh State Properties
   Specialty : Tourism and Residential Properties

   Name : Abdul Alhazred
   Contact (Email) : abdul.alhazred@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Enjoined Real Estates
   Specialty : Industrial and Commercial Properties

   Name : Professor Enoch Bowen
   Contact (Email) : enoch.bowen@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Starry Wisdom Estates
   Specialty : Commercial Properties; Shrines and Temples

   Name : Joseph Curwen
   Contact (Email) : joseph.curwen@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Dark Art Properties
   Specialty : Industrial and Commercial Properties

   Name : Goody Fowler
   Contact (Email) : goody.fowler@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Dark Art Properties
   Specialty : Residential Properties; Tourism; Healthcare

   Name : Captain Richard Holt
   Contact (Email) : richard.holt@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Black Stone Waterfronts
   Specialty : Commercial Properties; Ports and Shipyards

   Name : Edward Hutchinson
   Contact (Email) : edward.hutchinson@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Dark Art Properties
   Specialty : Industrial Properties; Laboratories and Libraries

   Name : Keziah Mason
   Contact (Email) : keziah.mason@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Dark Art Properties
   Specialty : Residential Properties; Theatres and Transit

   Name : Lavinia Whateley
   Contact (Email) : lavinia.whateley@rlyeh.org
   Agency : Whateley Properties
   Specialty : Residential Properties; Hotels and Inns

R'lyeh Real Estate Listings - Residential

2020-02-17 0706

   Name : House of the Rising Sun
   Contact (Email): lavinia.whateley@rlyeh.org
   Address: 19 West Fhar-jut, R'lyeh 3-oht
   Description: Hostel for foreign visitors. Three stories with wine cellar and basement storage. Each room is equipped with a chaise-lounge satin sheets and hot tub. Rooms are kept at a comfortable 22'C and low humidity.
   Companionship is available for a modest fee. No limit on services or number of hired aides except for clientele's available funds to procur such services.
   Staff is included in purchase of property. Kitchen and bar / lounge available for food and drink.

R'lyeh Real Estate Listings - Commercial

2020-02-17 0706

   Name : R'lyeh Community High School
   Contact (Email): tasogare.okami@rlyeh.org
   Address: 17 East R'gg-Jut, R'lyeh 6-oht
   Description: Primary center of education for those ages 14 to 18 years old. Three stories and includes out buildings for sports, trades and art classes.
   An indoor gymnasium, two athletic courts (tennis/volleyball), a field for football (amercian style), rugby or soccer and a swimming pool.
   Three available lots for student or staff parking.

   Name : R'lyeh Community Primary Education
   Contact (Email): tasogare.okami@rlyeh.org
   Address: 17 East R'gg-Jut, R'lyeh 6-oht
   Description: Primary center of education for those ages 6 to 13 years old. One story and includes out building for sports an indoor gymnasium.
   An athletic field for play or soccer with playground equipment in an adjacent field.
   Available lot for staff parking.

   Name : R'lyeh Free Beach
   Contact (Email): richard.holt@rlyeh.org
   Address: 15 South Tor-ngyal, R'lyeh 2-ehz (address is of main office)
   Description: Beach front of white sand and green pebbles from eroding city. Currently clothing prohibited. No fishing is permitted (by Deep One law) and surfing or sailboard allowed by permit. No motor craft are permitted.

R'lyeh Real Estate Listings - Industrial

2020-02-17 0706

   Name : R'lyeh Free Harbor
   Contact (Email): richard.holt@rlyeh.org
   Address: 1 to 2 South Tor-ngyal, R'lyeh 2-ehz (office at 2 South Tor-ngyal)
   Description: An office and pier for docking foreign ships. Permanent mooring of vessels is not allowed.

   Name : R'lyeh Wharf
   Contact (Email): richard.holt@rlyeh.org
   Address: 3 to 13 South Tor-ngyal, R'lyeh 2-ehz (14 available suites)
   Description: A set of warehouses and piers for docking ships. Located near the R'lyeh beach front and amusement area. Each pier can accomidate a sailboat or yacht.

   Name : G'tral-yurth Abattoir
   Contact (Email): joseph.curwen@rlyeh.org
   Address: 21 West Fhar-jut, R'lyeh 3-oht
   Description: A slaughterhouse designed for bipedal livestock. Contains two holding pens for separating parents from young. Includes desensitizing and rendering equipment. Three loading docks for receiving transport (each pen has their own docking facility).

R'lyeh Real Estate Listings - Vacancies

2020-02-17 0706

   Name : Well of Souls
   Contact (Email): black.pharaoh@rlyeh.org
   Address: None, found in main square.
   Description: Access point to the Abyss and Primordial Sea from which all life springs.

   Name : Mausoleum
   Contact (Email): black.pharaoh@rlyeh.org
   Address: None, found at city peak.
   Description: A grand set of doors built into the hillside found at the peak of the main avenue. Sealed by Elder Sign.