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2020-02-17 1706

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There is no number six.

2020-02-17 0706

   An ongoing joke on the internet is that there is no number six on any list of items.

   To be true to the joke, the number six is to be eliminated and the continues to either 5 or 7 (depending on ascending or descending order).

   There is no decent explanation or origin to this joke.

   My explanation is from the old british sci-fi series 'the Prisoner'.

   In the series the main character is Prisoner No. 6 and in one episode he managed to escape and find a photography studio that was holding film for him. The order in the ledger was misnamed and the clerk apologized. It had the order number mixed up between No. 01 and No. 10 . The prime minister in England lives at No. 10 Downing Street. The rumor of the show is that the main character was really the prime mininster. Leading to the phrase 'number ten is number one'.

   This means the character is No. 01 and there is no number six.