Darkwolf's Den

2021-03-16 1533

   This my little playpen for the internet.

   I will make use of it for my interests.

   I don't use Darkwolf as my online moniker anymore but I used it here for the double alliteration.

   Not personally responsible for whether you like the site or not.

   Also not personally responsible for anything found here, use at your own risk.


2020-02-17 1700

   (Index) General like and dislikes in Anime / Manga.

   (Page 1) Right now a list of favorite Anime franchises.

   (Page 2) List of favorite Manga franchises.

   (Page 3) List of any music I like from Films or TV Series.

Amateur Radio

2021-03-16 1533

   (Index) General info on Amateur Radio and Electronics.

   (Page 1) Amateur Radio hobby as well as electronics in general.

   (Page 2) Computers and the use of PC's (Linux-based) in Amateur Radio and Electronics.

   (Page 3) Any projects of my local radio club. Or my own projects when I get around to anything.

   (Page 4) Photo Gallery from York Technical Institute. Poor quality images I may change my mind about the gallery.


2021-03-16 1533

   (Index) General info on Role-playing and Video Games.

   (Page 1) Right now a list of favorite RPG's franchises.

   (Page 2) List of favorite Video Game franchises.

   (Page 3) Content I like from Tabletop RPG's (pen & paper; i.e. Dungeons and Dragons).


2020-02-17 1700

   (Index) My favorite animal.

   (Page 1) Images or content from my Wolf Collection.

   (Page 2) Favorite use of wolves in media ( TV, Films, games, etc... ).

   (Page 3) Other elements of wolf mythology.


2020-03-06 1933

   (Index) Anything else I may throw up here.

   (Page 1) May throw some highlights from my resume up here.